A Dublin Dog Walker is a Handy Professional

There are over 400,000 dogs in Ireland, with a large number of those dogs in the Dublin area.  So a Dublin dog walker has a lot of dogs to work with. Dogs of almost every breed have a purpose depending on their kind whether it be working, sporting, herding, etc. Therefore, they are meant to move, not to stand still. The problem is the 21st-century dog in Dublin that is a pet, and a member of a human family, usually doesn’t do what its initially bred for. Your Australian Shepherd, for example, is bred to herd, but chances are he or she is just a fun, loving member of your family that isn’t actually herding sheep or cattle.

It is your responsibility to ensure your Australian Shepherd gets walked on a regular basis.  Just letting the Shepherd go in your backyard, for example, is not giving him or her what it physically needs. Dogs need not only the exercise, but they also need the mental stimulation. A walk with your pet allows him or her to get out and not only eliminate its waste, but get sufficient exercise, and explore the area contributing to mental stimulation.

But what if you can’t walk your dog when you should or at all? There are a number of common reasons that a person is unable to walk their animal. One of them is lack of time.  This is usually the case for people who work long hours and are only home in the early morning or late evening. Another common reason is physical impairment. For people who are unable to walk due to illness or bodily injury, walking a dog would be impossible to do.  However, if you can’t do it, due to time, physical health, etc., a Dublin dog walker can do it for you. Here are some questions and answers:


What are dog walkers?  

Simply put they are professionals responsible for giving your dog the exercise and the mental stimulation he or she needs. Typically the walk is from your home or business back to your home or business.

Do the professionals have other responsibilities besides walking the dog?

Depending on the kind of walker you hire, they can also do things like check your pet’s water, feed your pet, play with your pet such as throwing a ball, etc.  If a client needs to be out-of-town for an extended period, some can also do animal-sitting while the client is away.

Furthermore, if an animal becomes injured or sick while in the walkers care, it is the walker’s responsibility to inform the client. Therefore, responsible pet walkers will have important information on file in case the information needs to be used such as contact numbers, the number for the vet, as well as information about the dog such as its age, weight, medical conditions, current medications, etc.

How does a person become a Dublin dog walker? 

The dog walking business is one that is typically a self-employed model. Therefore, an individual will start his or her business either on a full-time basis or a part-time basis. No formal education or certification is needed to do the job. However, it is rare to find someone who wants to do this job who is not familiar with canines and their behaviour and needs. Depending on the size of the person’s company, the person may work alone or with other professionals. Working with more people means that a greater area of Dublin can be covered and even other regions of Ireland.

What do you look for when hiring a Dublin dog walker? 

One of the most important things to look for is an interest in canines, and most importantly, and interest in your particular pet. Therefore, before hiring the individual, you’ll want them to meet your dog and determine how the two bond.

Although having worked in a veterinary setting is not required to be a good professional dog walker, it is a plus if you can find someone with this kind of background.

Do they do solo or do they do group walks? Solo means your pet is getting one-on-one attention. Group does not. What will work best for you?  Furthermore, where there is more than one, there is the potential that some of the animals will not get along with each other. Is that a concern for you?

Another consideration is clean-up. Responsible neighbours in Dublin want to keep the area free of dog poop. The service should, therefore, include picking up any litter that is deposited on the ground or grass.

How much are these services paid? 

The amount of money you must pay one of these walkers varies. Typically you will pay anywhere from 10 euro to 25 euro an hour. One factor to take into consideration is the number of pets an expert will walk. If more than one pet is being walked at a time, the amount you pay will probably be lower. Another is if you use the services frequently.  If so, you may be able to get a discount on the services. Furthermore, short distances will be cheaper than longer distances. Also, if you deal with a smaller operation, such as an individual, rather than a large company, you will likely pay lower prices.

What is the best way to find the experts? 

Word of mouth is always the first and best way to find someone good. However, in the absence of that, one way to get started is to check sites on the Internet. There are a variety of pet sitting and dog walking companies that you can try in the Dublin area. Another way is to check international canine organizations such as IAPO, the International Organization of Professional Dog Walkers.

A Dublin dog walker is a useful person to give your animal the exercise and mental stimulation it needs. Check around for a responsible service and make sure that it meets all of your requirements. Stay away from anything that you feel will not be beneficial for your pet’s needs.